The entire process of lining up 3 levels of Excel training, from start to finish, could not have been easier. I appreciated the personal meeting that was set up with Susan & Christina, being given the opportunity to ask questions and see the demo of Zoom, I was confident that all details would be thought of and no details would be missed. The online payment option afterwards was a breeze, it was great having all the documentation needed at my fingertips. Based on our Learners reviews and comments, the training was well-worth the investment.

~Gina M~



What did you learn today that you’ll use immediately?

I will definitely use the F4 absolute in my formulas as well as the array formula in my spreadsheets. It will make my life easier. I will always remember to apply the name range rules in my work. Also, the navigation keys are amazing. I never thought that I didn’t know that Excel would be fun until I attended this training.