About Us

The name is new, but we are not. We are the same trainers that you have interacted with through various companies over the past several years. We are dedicated to providing you quality training, without the middleman. We want to be involved with discussions/decisions on training for your organizations, what customization’s and delivery methods are best for you, the end user.

What makes us different from the training companies you’ve had before?  We’ve weeded out the dead wood.  We know every trainer and their strengths and weaknesses; so we can match a trainer according to your needs.  And when a trainer has been assigned for instruction, baring unforeseen emergency, they are not changed in the last minute on you.  This ensures a team approach as the trainer comes to know you, your business and specific needs, which in turn ensures continuity and quality training.

Our experienced trainers will provide useful course files that allow attendees to get actual hands-on experience in the class and at their own desk afterwards. The files are yours to keep and use as training reinforcement. We are dedicated to auditing classes to ensure our content is delivered correctly and with enthusiasm. Imagine walking away from training excited and enthusiastic to get back to your desk and implement all of the tips and tricks you just learned? We are determined to ensure our instructors are current, knowledgeable and are excited to help people learn.

We can help with dedicated, customized, group training; we can train staff to be your own corporate trainers; or we can ensure easy progressive training through ongoing training sessions both with public courses and dedicated courses. We can offer instructor-led  classroom training and virtual live training.

What if you just need an extra pair of hands for a roll out? Or help with a specific project or need to update digital word/acrobat documents for accessibility guidelines, we offer that too.

There’s no question. We are a new name on the block. But we’ve been around and plan to make certain that end user training isn’t a boring experience. We plan to ensure it’s an enjoyable experience that you, and your team will enthusiastically appreciate having attended.