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We are a team of Canadian application/desktop trainers that are united to bring quality training directly to Companies and Individuals in Western Canada. 

Coming Soon!!

We are excited to announce new “Short Courses” arriving in the Fall of 2023!! What does that mean for you? It means that if you have a sticking/pain point at work –  A skill you don’t necessarily need a full 7 hour day of training to learn…we may have the answer.

Based on our years of experience, and our understanding of the organizations, and industries we work with; we are putting together new classes that are 90 minutes long. That’s right! 1.5 hours! Our plan is to have these new programs ready to offer in the Fall of 2023!! If you’re interested…email Susan with your pain points. What do you want to know how to do, in Excel, Word, or PowerPoint? We may already have a program in the works that will fit the bill…or…if enough folks express an interest in knowing something we haven’t thought of…we’ll design a program that fits your needs. If you’d like to be added to our list of folks who are already anxious to be the first to take part in these classes, email Client Care with your particulars, and she will let you know as soon as we’re ready to run!!

What’s New?

So glad you asked!

We’ve heard from many folks that they cannot dedicate a 6 hour day to training, no matter how much they want it!! We get that. Time is of the essence and no one is going to do your job for you while you are otherwise occupied with training. What if we could pinpoint your pain points? What if…we could offer what you need the most in an hour and a half? Sound interesting? Stay tuned!! 


If you reside in the provinces of Ontario, Nova Scotia, or Manitoba you live in a province that is enforcing Accessibility Standards for written, digital content, and so much more.

What does that mean for you or your organization? There are deadlines in place where your organization large, or small, will have to comply. Google your provinces requirements and deadlines for implementing the required changes.

If you are in Manitoba, we have you covered. We have developed unique programs for Accessibility using Adobe Acrobat, Accessibility Using Word, & Accessibility using the Power of PowerPoint. See our Courses page to see what we’re talking about.

Call Susan at 204-837-4776 or email sales@westernts.ca to enquire about running a course for your organization, or to get into an upcoming public class.


 We are now offering SharePoint Design, Development, Support, and Automations. Everyone is upgrading to Office 365. It comes with OneDrive, and SharePoint. What most don’t know or understand is that while setting up a document library is relatively easy using OneDrive and SharePoint – setting up the SharePoint as a company-wide intranet is not! That’s where we come in. We have the expertise and experience to get you going, to support your intranet, and to custom design automated workflows. 

Contact our Sales Department to discuss what this all means for your business or corporation. We are here to help!

Be sure to check back here to find out what new courses being added to the list! Thanks for stopping by!


Brightly coloured banner announcing that Western Training Solutions is Hiring InstructorsAnnouncements

We are excited to announce that we are looking for more experienced trainers! If you have experience working with Microsoft Office, or the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of software, and would like to instruct folks on how to use it, please send your resume to : admin@westernts.ca

We will be happy to arrange an interview based on your qualifications!



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